We've been baseballing

Spring in the Burton house means baseball.  Lots and lots of baseball.  We just wrapped up another season with the Pirates with a championship!

The boys also had the opportunity to be the batboys for the USC Gamecocks earlier in the season...a dream come true for these two.  On the way home Tradd told us that they did hear "a lot of bad words in the dugout, but they were using them in weird phrases."  We wanted to ask what that meant, but decided it best just to let it go!


A letter to you on your birthday, CRW

I can remember this like it was yesterday.  I was cleaning the boat.  You dragged your chair out and sat it up right smack dab in the middle of Byrd street.  You watched me and told me how silly I was to clean that boat because it was only going to get dirty when we put it in the water...you were right.

Things that make me miss you...
watching my boys jump rope
songs on the radio
knowing how much you loved Easter because of the trumpets
when I need to tell you something big
when I need to tell you something small
sitting on the porch
grocery store flowers {real ones}
when I see an old jeep
eating boiled peanuts
when I try to make a rooster sound {you had this one down}
when I see your mama...ya'll have the same hands.

I know I'm not alone in missing you.  You lived life so big and in doing that, people fell in love with you.  They wanted to be like you and make you proud and just be near you.  A lot has changed since you've gone; some good, some less good.   My heart doesn't ache for you the way it once did...when the wound was fresh and grief came crashing down on me constantly...when I could not speak your name without tears.  It's still there, but different.  I guess I've come to know that my time with you in heaven will be millions of years longer than the time I spent with you here.  Your leaving has made me live with a purpose I didn't know before because my only hope of seeing you again is there, in His presence.  I love you my sweet friend, Happy Birthday.


{a letter to you, joy, answerthe hurt}

That time we went to the beach and I only look pictures of Hampton + a field trip

 We took a quick beach trip last week for Spring Break to Edisto with the Prices.  We seriously hit the neighbor jackpot {and not just because they have a beach house lol}. Tina and I can sit on that beach and talk about nothing and everything, all at once.  Our kiddos get along better than most, no arguing or fussing or tattling.  And the husbands, well they do what husbands do...they run the beach baseball games and pack the cooler. 
Piled in the ENO

The water was freezing...but didn't stop our crazy kids. 

First time eating oysters

a tiny catcher

This week was also Hampton's first field trip!  His preschool went to the strawberry patch and he was more excited about riding on the "school bus" {read: church bus} than the actual strawberries.

His best buddy from school 

Hampton wanted to take a picture of the moms.  He actually did pretty well! 

You're famous! lol 


Life Lately

Life lately has been full.  Today starts the boys spring break and it could not have come soon enough! Weekend before last, we took a quick overnight road trip to Charleston.  Lee completed the Palmetto 200 with his F3 buddies.  {P200 is an overnight relay race from Columbia to Charleston, covering a little over 200 miles}  I met them at the finish line to celebrate!  My FiA sisters and my little brother, Bryson, also ran.  I was so proud of all of them and may just have to get in on that fun next year!  We decided to make a trip out of it with some of our other friends who ran and stayed in Charleston Saturday night.  We grabbed drinks and dinner, but hit the bed fairly early because they were all so tired and ready for an actual bed.  
Lee and I stayed at the Vendue Inn and it was fabulous!  We originally booked an interior room with no window, thinking we weren't going to be there very long so it wouldn't matter, but when we checked in they gave us a corner room! Score!  The weather was crummy the next morning so we slept in and then went to brunch at Fleet Landing before heading home.  

Last week the boys had their fourth grade field trip to Saluda Shoals.  The were able to "net" for small animals and hold a meteorite that was 4+ billion years old.  Yes, billion with a B.  The man said he was sure it would be the oldest thing we would ever hold!  

Hampton had his last preschool Easter party and then promptly smashed that hard boiled egg in my car...nothing says "He is Risen" like the smell of day old eggs in carpet!

 He has also been busy saving the world.

Easter weekend we woke up having been "egged" by our best friend neighbor peeps and made resurrection rolls, or "Jesus rolls" as the boys use to call them.  

 Easter Sunday we had to wake the boys up to get to church on time and squeeze in the Easter baskets.  We went to church and came home to host my family for Easter lunch.  My brother Taylor and SIL Ashley came down from Greenville with "baby" Wells, who is quickly looking less baby-like every time I see him.  Wishing I could hit the pause button and his not even mine!   Mama bought all four boys recorders {thank you very much...now none of us can hear, Gigi} and we laughed for a solid 30 minutes watching him blow that thing!

After everyone left, I washed the last of the dishes and gathered the eggs to put them away for next year...thankful for time with people big and small, my mama, my home, my church, and my Savior.